George and Christine Erikson smiling in a barn on their property. George & Christine Erikson at home in Bridgton, Maine

About the Art

This website shows some of the art that George and I have made over the years. George is primarily a sculptor and I mainly work two-dimensionally. We will continue to update this site with new work.

We welcome your inquiries regarding the availability of these and other works. A price list is available upon request. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

About Us

George was born in 1950 and raised in Monroe, New York. He worked early on as a land surveyor and it was this love of being outdoors in nature that brought him to Maine. Here he decided to continue his studies and, choosing the field of psychology, eventually earned his PhD. We were living in Woodstock, NY in the early 90's and, as a birthday gift, I took George to Sculpture House in NYC where we purchased some tools and stone. He took to it right away and made a lot of dust in that house. He worked at it full-time for many years - moving into wood, bronze and rattan. Recently he has been painting in acrylic and collaborating with me on sculptural furniture. George is also a poet and had a limited edition book published by Nine Point Publishing last year which you can view here.

I was born in 1958 and raised in Traverse City, Michigan. It was there that I first worked as a sailmaker and later became a partner in a sail loft on the East Coast. I have studied furniture design and botany and received a B.A. in Fine Art with a focus in Printmaking. I met George in 1991 and together we have lived on the island of Crete, grown shiitake mushrooms, been in a horror film and made some art. We now live in Western Maine with two fabulous cats. Many thanks to Gordon Holman at Slickfish Studios for creating this fine site that allows us to share some of what we do.

Christine Erikson